Magnetic puzzles

Magnetic puzzles are large magnets divided into many small parts. They are a great gift especially for children as playing with them provides a lot of fun and enjoyment. Due to their magnetic properties they do not crumble like the standard puzzles. Moreover, they stick well on any metal surface. This is their additional advantage as magnetic puzzles do not necessarily have to be placed in the horizontal surfaces but instead they may hang on the refrigerator, which is the most common site in the household free from other gadgets. This further enhances their attractiveness as an advertising medium.

Characteristics of magnetic puzzles:

  • any size and shape,
  • any number of elements,
  • magnetic foil with a thickness of 0.4 mm,
  • offset printing full-color (CMYK) on thick paper,
  • in case of a smaller printings - full-color printing digital,
  • secure printing (laminated) with glossy or matt,
  • packed in individual poly bags.

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