Magnetic calendars

Magnetic calendars are undoubtedly an interesting form of extending the functionality of standard magnets. On the right size of a magnet there can be a printed calendar - in this case of the 12 cards notebook - one for each month, or even more than 50 cards for a weekly calendar.

The size of a magnet can be of any shape and can be adapted to the wishes of the customer. In addition to a calendar, there may be a spare place left for making notes, recipes or other content that includes any text or picture. Unquestionable advantage of magnetic calendars is that they are used throughout the year and during all this time they are a great medium for advertising.

Characteristics of magnetic calendars:

  • any size and shape,
  • magnetic foil with a thickness of 0,4 mm,
  • offset printing full-color (CMYK) on thick paper,
  • secure printing (laminated) with glossy or matt,
  • each card with a different printing,
  • the standard number of cards 12 pc (months) or 52 pc (weeks),
  • packed in individual poly bags (for additional fee).

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